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Can we talk about how much I HATE THE WHISPER APP for a minute?

It’s like an excuse for annoying teenage drama queens who think their lives are ending because some retarded boy who doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things to take a ridiculous photograph of themselves or steal one from google of some precious couple and then put something ABSOLUTELY BEYOND WORDS stupid on top of it and tumblr and tweet the shit out of it. 
I legitimately read one that said “I’m to fat to be loved”. REALLY? to fat? or too fat? I’m confused.. I mean if you’re going to say something completely dumb at least have the decency to use proper grammar. I’m not even going to begin to talk about what it said.. because if she really believed that, then she has other issues and me bitching about it probably won’t solve them. Actually the only thing that can solve them is a healthy diet of SHUT THE FUCK UP AND FIX YOUR PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF MAKING A STUPID FUCKING WHISPER APP PICTURE ABOUT IT.
UGH what is WITH this generation of completely depressed attention whores? I get it, we have bad days, we have a lot of feelings, but if you really seek the satisfaction of complete strangers telling you you’re beautiful or you’re going to be okay then you’re a fucking loon and deserve to be ignored anyways. GO FIND SOME FRIENDS YA DUMB BITCH. 

Anyways, the Whisper App is the single most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I refuse to read even a single one of the pathetic meaningless garbage these twits post. 


Okay I think I’ll be alright. As long as you understand how I feel. Which is hard to miss.. 

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